February Focus: Healthy Shoulders

Are your shoulders always up to your ears? Am I always tapping between your shoulder blades or cueing you to relax your shoulders? How many of you have a hard time holding a plank without sagging through the shoulders? Do your shoulders “crunch” when you do certain movements? Do you have a limited range of motion in shoulders? 

We need to learn how to actively move and stabilize the shoulder blades (and arms) to have proper joint function. Understanding how the arm and shoulder work together allows us to have better control and stability as well as good range of motion. 

This month, in the studio, we will cover a series of movements to address the shoulders. We will explore the ways in which the shoulder blade moves on the back of the rib cage, how the arms move and how the shoulder blade moves with the arm. We will try to sense the muscles involved (especially the rotator cuff muscles) with arm and shoulder movement. Through this exploration, we will discover where you feel tight, restricted, weak and work to bring balance. 

We will play with movements called keyhole arms, active and lazy cat, preliminary arms, mens arms, standing arm springs, rowings, along with other movements to bring full awareness to the arm/shoulder connection. 

You will learn to feel what incorrect and correct shoulder posture is in all planes of movement. This includes weight-bearing and non-weight bearing positions, as well as, with and without spring tension. So it doesn’t matter what type of classes you come to (equipment or mat) you will get the benefit of this work. 

Get ready to slow some movements down and strip others apart to focus on what is happening in and around the shoulder joint. And if you are lucky I’ll help you feel your “floaty boats”. Ask me about that next time you are in the studio! 

Join our Healthy Shoulders workshop on February 22. We will cover specific rotator cuff strengthening exercises that you can do at home. As in all our workshops, you will have a great little home program upon leaving the workshop to keep your shoulders healthy outside the studio.