Private Sessions and Duets

One to one private sessions (and duet sessions, you and a friend) is the best place to start. Many of us begin with less awareness of the subtle work our bodies are capable of and with the 1:1 guidance and the use of the Pilates equipment it allows us to find the depth and structural strength needed to perform the Pilates exercises. It is ideal to start with several private/duet sessions for us to assess and get to know your body and your goals. In these first sessions, we will take the time to hear about your body’s history; introduce you to the Pilates foundations; explore your movement patterns; determine what you like most; need most and make a plan based on your desires for your pilates journey. It is in these sessions that we can work on specific needs, give home corrective exercises and prepare you for classes. Private sessions typically use any or all of the pilates equipment. And once you have transitioned to classes these private sessions are ideal for troubleshooting any issues that arise in a class, are great to deal with any physical setbacks you may have and also perfect for taking your Pilates to the next level. All private sessions and duets are 55 minutes in length.


Equipment Classes

Joseph Pilates intended that we start Pilates using the equipment as it gives the most support and feedback. We have several types of equipment classes on the schedule. Some classes are listed by piece of equipment and others use a combination of the equipment (ie. mixed equipment). The Pilates equipment is built to support you as you build strength around your structure (bones and joints). Many people think the equipment work is harder than the mat work but that is a complete fallacy. The equipment gives you feedback and support you so that you can have integrity with your movements and proper alignment. I like to think of all the pieces of Pilates equipment to be part of a well-balanced movement diet. Each piece offering a different nutritional component. All equipment classes are limited to 4-5 students and are 55 minutes in length.

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Reformer Classes

Pilates Reformer classes are done solely on the Reformer. This is probably the most well-known piece of Pilates equipment. The Reformer is a very versatile piece of equipment because you lay, sit, kneel, and stand on the moving carriage. The carriage moves within the frame of the reformer and there are five springs for varying degrees of tension. The Reformer helps us improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and range of motion. Joseph Pilates would say the individual will “reform” one’s body doing his exercises.


Table Classes

Table classes are done only on the Tables (also known as the Cadillac). Many people find the Table a little less intimidating as what you lay or sit on is not moving. Many of the mat exercises can be done on the Table with the assistance of springs. So if you struggle in a mat class a Table class can give you access to exercises that may seem impossible on the mat. You will get a true sense of equal and opposite forces while creating stability, strength, and flexibility through Table work.


Chair Classes

The Pilates Low chair is my personal favorite piece of Pilates equipment but don’t let that sway you. Chair is a fantastic challenge (not to be confused with it being difficult). Chair is a great way to work on balance, leg strength, core strength, posture, balancing out weaknesses and cross-training for your sport. Many cyclists use the chair in the offseason to cross-train, while skiers and snowboarders use the chair to get in shape for the winter season. Chair is a tad more challenging than the Reformer and Table as there is less surface area for you to lay or sit on and the majority of the work is done standing, therefore, challenging your balance.


Mixed Equipment Classes

Mixed equipment classes usually use the Pilates Reformer and the Table (also known as the Cadillac or pole system). You may also see a class that goes between the reformer and the low chair. Many of the Pilates exercises can be done on each piece of equipment with each piece of equipment having its own flavor. Often it is easier to do an exercise on one piece vs another and it is beneficial to be able to go between pieces of equipment to best meet your needs. We spend about half the time on each piece of equipment.

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Open Studio Classes

Open studio classes are like going to the gym. You get to do your specific program of exercises throughout the class and move around each piece of equipment as you desire. These classes are not appropriate for beginners or those new to the studio.


Mat Classes

Mat classes: Mat classes are considered the most challenging as there is no equipment to support or give you feedback. With that said, in our small classes, we can guide beginners and those with pain through the mat work. We use therabands and the like to help support you where needed and with our expertise, we know just how to modify exercises for your specific needs or challenge you when it is necessary. Mat exercises are the home program work of the Pilates Method. We have both beginner and Int/Adv mat classes on our schedule. Mat classes are limited to 6 students and are 55 minutes in length.

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The workshops offered at Core Wisdom are focused on giving you the tools to maintain the work you do in your private sessions and classes. There are a few workshops that keep rotating throughout the year with new workshops being created to continue to support and feed you.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!