Client Reviews

“Kim made a customized Pilates program to support my active lifestyle. I’m better and stronger at climbing, mountain biking, and snowboarding thanks to her. I also get injured less, and recover from injury faster. I’ve shopped around – Kim is the real deal.”
– Michaela

“I came to Core Wisdom because a friend recommended you, and the chair work, so highly. I stay because you are such a good teacher. You teach what I consider to be classic Pilates, yet you know bodies & Pilates & your students so well that you can enhance anyone’s work out by making adjustments, helping us each to get to where we want to be. I tease you that as soon as I feel that I have actually mastered a move you take it up a notch. You celebrate with me, and then you share an idea for how to make it harder, like a little shift in position that makes me work harder. And I love that. You always think about your students and your teaching, figuring out ways to enhance our sessions. You come up with different ways to explain or show something, even breaking things down so that we master one piece of it, & then another & eventually the whole exercise. I feel much stronger in the almost two years that I have been coming to class regularly. I see it in my body & I feel it on hikes. In any conversation where Pilates is a topic, I sing your praises.”
– Michelle

“I came to Pilates because a woman in my life, my wife, convinced me that it was much more than simply lying on a medieval torture table called the reformer and waving my legs around. I had worked with a very good trainer for years on core strength, but was looking for something new. I really liked that Pilates combined movement, core strength and flexibility. But the first few months were a challenge. I never thought I’d be able to touch my toes or fold myself into a v-shape. Kim was the best teacher: smiling, energetic and encouraging and always willing to suggest something new and challenging. After a while the table routines became easier, and again I was looking for something new and challenging. Enter – the box, aka the chair. And after that, we were standing on the reformer, squatting on the table, plank on the reformer. I really like the seemingly limitless number of exercises and variations. Sometimes they feel like dance movements, sometimes like gut busters, and sometimes they’re scary (at least until you learn the correct form but of course Kim is always there as a safety net). I haven’t face planted yet. I feel Pilates has really helped me on balance, posture, core strength and flexibility. And Kim and Core Wisdom have kept me interested in learning more. As for sports heros, I think mine is now Joseph Pilates.”
– Jerry

“Magician! Savior! A great Pilates instructor! And why do I use these words to describe Kim of Core Wisdom? Let me tell you; I am an 88 year old woman who two years ago way ready to “throw in the towel”. I am very independent and 2 years ago found myself waking up nightly with severe pains and cramping in my legs and unable to go back to sleep. During the day, hours of neck pain kept my walking down to less than a mile when I was use to going two to three miles a day. I saw my physician who took x-rays, did a thorough exam, and found nothing wrong. He prescribed physical therapy and I went to PT for three months. I saw no improvement and was ready to give up. When discussing this with my daughter she suggested I do Pilates at Core Wisdom. She attended classes with Kim and was very positive about her outcomes. I enrolled in classes with Kim. I was skeptical – – “How could this young woman really help me?” However, I felt I had nothing to lose by giving her a try. Well, after two months of Pilates three times a week, I started sleeping through the night. Most of the leg pains and cramping subsided and after four months had almost disappeared. My neck pain persisted, but now occurs very infrequently. And I can again walk 2-3 miles at a time. Prior to working with Kim I was experiencing difficulty stepping onto the RTD buses. Now I am able to get up and down with minimal difficulty and soon hope to do this without using the handrails. I highly recommend Kim for people of all ages. Besides being an excellent Pilates instructor, she is also a very caring individual.”
– Sally

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