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Hello everyone! Please note that our physical location is closed for the time being and we are very sorry about this inconvenience. However, we are now offering online classes that you can find on our schedule page! Thank you!

About Us

“Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can ever be attained. Self-confidence follows.” – Joseph Pilates

We are not your average Pilates studio. The majority of our clients begin their journey with us in back pain, post surgery or recovering from an injury. While others want to excel at their sport or just get back into shape. Through Pilates, we teach proper mechanics of movement, which follows the 6 principals of Pilates (Control, Concentration, Centering, Breath, Fluidity and Precision). Think of it as corrective exercise for exactly what you need and want to accomplish with your movement goals. We are a small, warm, inviting, fully equipped Pilates studio offering private sessions, duets and classes. We pride ourselves on how well we teach and support our clients, no matter their health and fitness goals. We believe that a deep understanding of the body and of movement is paramount in your success. Many of our clients come to us with some sort of pain. Many are pre/post op or rehabilitating from an injury. We also work with athletes who want to stay injury free and improve in their sport.

We remove the guesswork of what it is you need to do to be pain-free, improve in your sport or just get back into shape. We know! We have been teaching Pilates for 25 years! We are no-nonsense, we don’t waste time, cut to the chase and tell you like it is. No BS here. Our class sizes are small so we can take care of YOU. We offer Pilates for beginners as well as advanced. With 4-6 people max in a class you know you’ll be getting individualized attention every time you are in the studio. We provide a safe and comfortable place with personalized attention where you can gain in-depth knowledge of your body, posture, and movement. We provide the tools to make lasting change to support your structure, activities, and soul. We also give continued support, encouragement, and wisdom to carry the changes you make here through to your daily life. It is through our vast knowledge of the Pilates repertoire that we can tailor every exercise and class to fit your movement needs.

Our Programs

Our instructors are continually learning and furthering their Pilates education so we can always have the tools to best meet your movement goals. Communication and connection are highly valued and we will make certain that your needs are being met.




Not Sure Where to Start?

Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!